Wise Video Player User Guide


With a clean surface, Wise Video Player is an easy and fast software, which allows you to play all formats of videos, include Blue-Ray videos. Also, Wise Video Player is an audio player, which allows you to play all formats of audios, include lossless compression audios.

How to use:

Step 1, Run Wise Video Player.

wise video player main interface

Step 2, Choose video

There are four methods to open a video file.

  • Click "Open File" button on main window, then browse a video.
  • Click "Open File" button on control bar, then browse a video.
  • Drag a video to Wise Video Player.
  • Right click on Wise Video Player main window, click "Open file" then browse a video.

Setp 3, Load subtitle file

  • If the subtitle file has a same name with video file and stored in same folder, Wise Video Player will load subtitle file automatically.
  • Or, you can right click on Wise Video Player main window, click "Load Subtitle..." then browse a file.

How to generate a Portable Version:

You just need to Copy Wise Video Player folder then Paste it to new location (new local drive, or a USB device), a portable version is finished.

Advanced options:

Right click on main window to open context menu, there are several useful functions.

wise video player context menu
  • Open File -- Open a video or audio file.
  • Load Subtitle -- Open a subtitle file.
  • Full Screen -- Maximize window without border.
  • Auto Size -- Auto adjust window size follow video size
  • Image Capture -- Capture a screenshot of video
  • Pause when minimized -- Pause video when you minimize window
  • Improve Image Quality -- Improve the image quality by software algorithm.
  • Associate -- Choose file types you want Wise Video Player to play them automatically.
  • Check Updates -- Check up updates for Wise Video Player.
  • Language -- Choosse display language.

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Support email: support@wisevideosuite.com

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